PS4 Version of Mortal Kombat X “Clearly Leads the Way,” According to Digital Foundry Performance Analysis

As they do with most big releases, Digital Foundry took a look at the various versions of Mortal Kombat X. In the above video, you can see their comparison of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Getting to their full report, Digital Foundry says MKX on PS4 hits NetherRealm’s target of 1080p, complete with anti-aliasing “that falls closely in line with standard FXAA.” However, there is some light texture blurring resulting in fine details in the artwork not popping out as noticeably as they could.

For Xbox One, they say it isn’t quite as refined, with softer details and fuzzier edges. “In this case,” the report adds, “pixel counting strongly indicates a drop in horizontal resolution, which hovers in the region of 1360×1080 to 1344×1080 instead of the more common 900p setup used on the platform. Anti-aliasing appears identical to the PS4 game, and the coverage provided by the FXAA helps to smooth over upscaling artefacts to a degree.”

Going head-to-head, the Xbox One version sometimes sees lower-resolution texture and normals for characters and background details.

Switching to frame-rate, both perform well in maintaining 60fps during regular gameplay, with the PS4 version never dropping while performing special moves or regular combos. On Xbox One, drops of one or two frames are experienced intermittently.

Outside of gameplay though, X-Rays, Fatalities, and cut-scenes stay at 30fps. For cut-scenes specifically, frame-pacing during camera pans and linear motion is an issue on both PS4 and Xbox One, but more stuttering was noticed on Xbox One.

At the end of the report, Digital Foundry says, “The PS4 game clearly leads the way with its native 1080p presentation and solid level of performance during gameplay – outside of the slight judder in story cut-scenes we’re looking at a locked 30 and 60fps throughout.” However, the Xbox One version manages to hold up nicely.

Also, thanks to a disappointing PC version, they add that the PS4 game is the “best way to take the fight to Shinnok in this new Mortal Kombat.”

If you’re waiting to play the last-gen versions of MKX, the game is set to release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this Summer.

[Source: Eurogamer]