Destiny Xur Location and Items for April 24-26, 2015 Listed

Friday has made its way around again, which means it’s time for another Destiny Xur location and item post here on PlayStation LifeStyle.

This weekend, players can grab the Mida Multi-Tool. This Scout Rifle boosts move speed and also keeps the radar active while aiming down the weapon’s sights.

Hunters can pick up the Crest of Alpha Lupi, which allows players to revive teammates faster and spawn more orbs. Titans can purchase the MK. 44 Stand Asides, granting a longer Shoulder Charge duration. Warlocks can grab the Skull of Dire Ahamkara, which increases grenade throw distance and Super Energy earned from grenade kills. 

The Exotic Body Armor Engram is currently on offer from Xur. For 23 Motes of Light, you can have a gamble with the Cryptarch.

For this week, Xur – Agent of the Nine can be found beside the Crucible Quartermaster.

In other Destiny news, Bungie streamed gameplay and gave new details on the new House of Wolves expansion. You can catch the teaser trailer for the new DLC here. Bungie has also changed the color of the Tower’s purple balls!

Join us again next Friday for details on Xur’s location in the Tower and his Exotic supplies.