Trials Fusion Update 8 Arrives, Lots of Changes Implemented

Ubisoft has rolled out a significant title update to Trials Fusion, which means some of the game’s most requested features will have to take a backseat, as the tweaks have increased priority over ’em.

One big change is that ranked multiplayer is making its console debut for Trials Fusion. You can check out how the basic “math” for this is calculated in this PDF. User tracks for Ranked MP is now also possible, but customs support is not implemented yet.

Here’s the complete Trials Fusion update 8 patch notes:

Matchmaking Ranking – What’s new? No longer will you be earning EXP from Matchmaking. We have a whole ranking system in place, and I would post the a link to the basic mathematics of what we are using but I’m not exactly in the office this morning (I’ll get the link out early next week). For now, let’s just say that quitting matches is frowned upon.

User content in Public Matchmaking –
We will be adding some user created tracks to public matchmaking to expand upon the possibilities of what you are playing on when you start an online match. I would assume that this will include Uplay Recommended tracks, but single lane tracks will need to meet performance standards for 8 player online matches.

Ghost Transparencies –
We’ve worked on the ghost outlines for online play, they will now become more transparent as they get closer to the player’s character to help avoid some of the confusion when multiple ghosts make it difficult to see what you’ve got going on on your screen.

Xbox One lighting – Xbox One is a bit darker than it should be. We’ve seen the feedback and tweaked the brightness and contrast a bit so that players don’t need to adjust their displays when playing Trials. This should make it easier for players to better enjoy what they are playing.

Massive updates to Spectator mode –
There’s a whole bullet list dedicated to this, but this update should help with both official and user contests being controlled by the spectator.

Custom Presets for Private matches – Want to play with zero-gravity while on fire with the Panda and 200% FMX boost? It probably wouldn’t be the MOST fun setup, but you can now do that, and save the preset for near infinite fun trolling your friends.

New Features:

  • Added a Multiplayer Ranking system
  • Added UGC tracks to Public Matchmaking
  • Added Spectator Mode updates including:
    • Spectator being able to manually start the game;
    • Spectator asking players to get ready;
    • Being able to move and zoom the camera;
    • Added ability to switch camera by lanes;
    • UI modifications to more clearly show which player is currently selected;
    • Several camera fixes;
  • Added ability for hosts to skip heats in Multiplayer Private and Spectator modes
  • Added ability to save parameter presets for tracks in Multiplayer Private and Spectator modes
  • Added new graphics for controller buttons
  • 5 new Supercross tracks for Local Multiplayer


  • Fixed an issue where button prompts become overlapped when a player opens the in game menu during a spectator race.
  • Fixed an issue where the window button is not functional while navigating from My Group to Select Mode
  • Fixed an error where the word “Occurred” is displayed incorrectly as “occured” in the “error occurred” popup message
  • Fixed an issue where infinite loading could be observed when a player accepts an Online MP invite & Press the “Y” button immediately in the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where the game can go into an infinite loading screen if a game invite is accepted on the Uplay registration pop up
  • Fixed an issue with a possible game crash while loading any track after the first tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where the leaderboards load after every page and the player cannot move further without loading scores in leaderboards.


  • Fixed an issue where the game could become stuck after changing the track type from X-Supercross to Trials after connecting spline points
  • Fixed an issue with debug text being visible when changing between high and low end Layers.

Single Player:

  • Fixed an issue where a ghost of any PSN friend is not visible to the user if they have more than 50 PSN friends

Track Central:

  • Fixed an issue where expired maps are still present in the time-limited top list of Ninja.
  • Fixed an issue where the display order for tracks in the “all time: ninja” feed were incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with text spilling out of the boxes for “Top rated this month:X-supercross” when booted in Russian


  • Fixed an issue where the squirrel music sound source is not audible in Rags to Riches
  • Fixed an issue that could result in Voice Over audio abnormalities


  • Fixed an issue where the button prompt to Toggle HUD in the replay camera controls screen is wrong for the Japanese region
  • Fixed an issue where button prompts and text overlap each other on Replay Camera Controls screen while watching replay of any track


  • Fixed an issue where a player may not receive messages regarding tournament participation in the notification center after a new tournament match comes out, as well as no notifications after a friend or team member beats the player’s record.

Spectator Mode:

  • Fixed an issue where keyboard keys can be shown in place of controller buttons in spectating mode
  • Fixed an issue with control and menu inconsistency while scrolling the options “View Profile, Mute, Remove” under My Group during gameplay in private match as spectator


  • Fixed an issue where a player could be directed to the main menu upon pressing L1 after accepting an online MP invite

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect message is shown to user when host sign-outs PSN on result screen

  • Fixed an issue where VOIP is not functional in an online MP lobby if user signs-out of PSN and signs-in again

  • Fixed an issue where two MultiplayerRoundEnd events are called when the user suspends and resumes the title during an online MP session.

  • Fixed an issue where opponent ghost were not sufficiently transparent while on Single Player Tracks

  • Fixed an issue where the last track final heat score is skipped and Podium screen score is shown instead

  • Fixed an issue where the “MUTED” icon is not displayed for a blocked player in the player list

  • Fixed an issue where the invite party button is functional but not visible when all the tracks are deleted from tracklist

  • Fixed an issue with test saying “Leave Party” instead of “Leave Group” in a multiplayer lobby

  • Fixed an issue where “After the Incident” is missing in the popup for “Missing content packs” in a private match

  • Fixed an issue where 5 X-supercross tracks are not selectable in Local Supercross

  • Fixed an issue where the player is not directed to the host’s lobby after accepting a game invite under certain condition

  • Fixed an issue where a single button performs multiple functions at the same time in private match as spectator

  • Fixed an issue where a host is able to switch between players using left analog stick in private match as spectator mode

  • Fixed an issue where the game can become unresponsive on the track loading screen after performing certain steps in private match

  • Fixed an issue where “Track Time” on the result screen spills out of the frame for all the languages other than English & Chinese

  • Fixed an issue with 1st lane alignment after the 5th checkpoint in Snow Blind

  • Fixed an issue with the wrong error message being displayed if the player is thrown out of an Online MP session.

  • Fixed an issue with the wrong popup message being displayed when the player leaves the group using “R2”

  • Fixed an issue with text displaying outside of the placeholder of the online multiplayer pop-up when launched with a new profile

  • Fixed an issue where the in-game NAT Type detection is not properly updated when manipulating routers settings

  • Fixed an issue where brackets can be seen for the ‘FOR TIME’ and ‘FOR FAULTS’ columns in the French language’

  • Fixed an issue where text overlap could be seen on the result screen in French language

  • Fixed an issue where deviations may not be shown on the final Podium result screen of Quick Match

  • No NAT type is shown if the player accepts a game invite from outside of the game.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong message prompt can be shown for a master account when accepting a multiplayer invite on the trial version of the game.

  • Fixed an issue where the camera controls can behave erratically while spectating in an Online Multiplayer match.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple players are shown highlighted when one of the players exits the private match session

  • Fixed an issue where the same track could appear in multiple slots in the “track voting screen” of Quick match

  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions of shared tracks are shown the same for all locally saved tracks in a Private match lobby

  • Fixed an issue where the first letter of first word “one” on the Popup message to kick a player who does not have DLC in Private match or Spectator match is not capital

  • Fixed an issue where text spill out can be seen in Russian and Japanese languages in multiplayer

The update is now live for the PS4 and Xbox One, so you should see the tweaks implemented immediately.

[Source: Trials Fusion]