The Witcher 3 Update Available Now & Detailed, PS4 Pre-Load Live

As promised, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available for pre-load on PlayStation 4 in North America, with all of Europe getting access to it within the next few hours, CD Projekt Red’s Marcin Momot said.

With the pre-load, you’ll have to download the initial 9.5GB file first. Then, once that’s complete, another file will need to be downloaded, bringing the total size of the game to around 31GB, according to reports on Reddit and NeoGAF.

While The Witcher 3 doesn’t officially launch worldwide until May 19 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, digital copies of the game unlock early at 4pm PT/7pm ET on May 18.

Additionally, a 482MB update is available to download for The Witcher 3. Although PS4 frame-rate improvements aren’t specifically highlighted, they should be included with this patch.

Here’s the full list of patch notes:

Major Changes

  • Support for DLCs
  • Multiple stability issues fixed
  • Overall performance improvements

Quests and Game

  • Variety of cosmetic quest improvements
  • Journal objective fixes
  • Quest mapping fixes
  • Dialogue flag fixes
  • Quest balancing issues
  • Scene triggering improvements

Gameplay Systems

  • Boat behavior
  • AI improvements
  • NPC spawn strategy improvements
  • Combat balancing
  • UI optimizations

If you haven’t pre-ordered the digital version of The Witcher 3 yet, it’s still available for 10% off from the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Reddit, NeoGAF]