The VOTE: Karmic Decisions in Games – Good or Evil?

The VOTE allows you, the PSLS community, to cast your vote and determine once and for all which choice is definitively better. This is for all the marbles, and any other voting sort of analogies that you can think of. Feel free to discuss your choice in the comments below, but remember to keep it civil. We’ll have new votes every Wednesday, with results from the prior week posted at that time, so be sure to check back and make your voice heard. 

Last week we wanted to know if you preferred fantasy games or sci-fi games. In a close battle, fantasy games won with 57% while sci-fi retained 43% of the votes, though most comments said that it was a hard decision and it was not easy to pick between them as they both have their place in gaming. 

This week we’re making you choose between the light side and the dark side. Paragon and renegade. Good and evil. Many games offer a strict dichotomy between these choices. Which karmic direction do you usually take in games? Your answer should be on your first playthrough, as many people play both in order to get trophies or on multiple runs of the game. Which choice do you consider your true choice, if you could only play through the game once? It’s your time to feel the force, and VOTE!

Do you choose the light side or the dark side when making karmic choices in video games? It’s time to VOTE! in PlayStation LifeStyle Polls on LockerDome

Check back during the week to see how your choice is stacking up. Have any suggestions for future polls? Email me, tweet me, or hit us up on Twitter @PSLifeStyle, and don’t forget to vote each Wednesday.