Borderlands The Handsome Collection PS4 Update Dramatically Boosted Frame-Rates & Reduced Screen-Tearing, Says Analysis

Released last week on May 19, the latest update for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was said to be “very large due to the nature of the performance-improving fixes,” with the download ending up around 9GB on both consoles.

As Digital Foundry notes in their revisited performance analysis, the update is “remarkable, a genuine game-changer” and “the developer has finally handed in something closely resembling the experience we were hoping for – 1080p60 gameplay on both PS4 and Xbox One.”

In the above gameplay video, they compare The Handsome Collection on PS4 pre-1.02 versus post-1.02. While an early gunfight in a large control room suffered from screen-tearing and frame-rate drops previously, the new patch “dramatically boosts frame-rates” and “practically eliminates screen tearing, resulting in a smoother and far more consistent experience.”

Although the game still doesn’t run at 60fps all the way throughout, the drops are now “short and rare enough not to cause offense,” with screen-tearing “far, far less of an issue than it was previously.”

Summarizing what update 1.02 did for The Handsome Collection, Digital Foundry says it’s “something of a revelation, finally giving us the definitive console version of the game we were initially hoping for.” Thanks to all the improvements on both consoles, neither platform has an advantage over the other.

If you’ve experienced any issues with the latest Borderlands update, Gearbox wants you to report them over here.

[Source: Eurogamer]