Helldivers Update Patch 2.01 Now Out, Full List of Changes Detailed

Arrowhead has rolled out a new campaign update for Helldivers and it’s quite a mix of tweaks and additions.

Without further ado, here’s the Helldivers update patch notes:


  • The standing info (number of Commends available) is no longer reset between each mission
  • Helldivers no longer get stuck in vehicles when the vehicle is destroyed, or teleports across the map once the vehicle is despawned
  • Now the Shield Backpack should always activate when picked up
  • The Illuminate Council Member is now showing correctly in the Encyclopedia
  • The Bug Impaler tentacles no longer glitch when spawning
  • Unexploded ordnance no longer spawn outside of objective search areas
  • Objective timers no longer desync between PS Vita, PS3™, and PS4™ because of low framerate on the PS Vita
  • (PS4™) Fixed a bug where a local non-PlayStation™ Network user’s progress could get reset if he hotjoined while a local PlayStation™ Network user was playing, returned to the main menu when prompted, and then entered the game in offline mode
  • (PS4™) Fixed an issue where entitlements (DLC) would not get unlocked if the user did not have PlayStation®Plus
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if an Illuminate Obelisk would get hit by an Illusionist Confuse Orb
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if a player holding an upgraded RPG (with laser sight) would enter the extract shuttle
  • Fixed an issue where new DLC character’s hands would not move when throwing grenades
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when enemies or other things would fall into one of the snow environment capture objective ponds


  • It is now possible to receive the Slayer capes by completing a difficulty 12 planet for each race


  • The mission-end star for low death-count now counts every player’s deaths, not only the host’s

  • The Illuminate Obelisk walls will now stop at vehicles and objectives, and will no longer destroy objectives

  • Carry objectives are now failed earlier when dropped into chasms and it should decrease the likelihood of carry objectives becoming stuck in unreachable places, rendering the mission impossible to complete

  • The game will now time out faster in the main menu when one of the local players does not have a Sony Entertainment Network account

That’s quite a significant title update. Have you downloaded the update? How are the changes?

[Source: Arrowhead]