Horizon Zero Dawn Won’t Feature Many Tutorials, Players Will Learn Through Trial and Error

We’ve seen from gameplay videos, an interview, and our own preview that Horizon: Zero Dawn will have players hunting down huge, mechanical beasts, but it has now been revealed that the game won’t be providing tutorials on how to do so.

In an interview with Videogamer, Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek explained that Guerrilla Games won’t give out any information on how to defeat the robotic beasts, and they won’t “tutorialize the game.” He mentioned that players will “need to find the right way to use weapons for particular robos,” and that things will have to be figured out using trial and error.

We don’t tutorialise the game, we don’t go and tell you how to hunt these robos or how they interact. You really have to go out there and explore these things by trial and error.

And it’s the same case for learning about how the robos interact between themselves; who’s protecting who and how they are all interconnected. You’re always a little bit like David Attenborough where he’s sitting in the bushes and studying these creatures trying to learn their behaviour, seeing how you can exploit that behaviour from them.

Van Beek also talked a little bit about last year’s leaked concept art for Horizon, and explained that the development team was nervous the community would react poorly to the images. It didn’t however, and no doubt excitement over the PlayStation 4 will grow before its 2016 release date.

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