“Regalia” Bringing Turn-Based Combat and Town Building to PS4, PS Vita, and PC

Polish developer Pixelated Milk is currently running a Kickstarter for Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, a JRPG-styled game that will be hitting PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC.

Its Kickstarter page explains that Regalia is an upcoming turn-based strategy game that will have player building a town and battling monsters. Players will get to control a party of five characters, and “every character and/or enemy feels different.” A short trailer of the combat can be seen above.

Players will also be raiding dungeons, collecting treasures, and crafting materials, which can be used to “construct new buildings in your village or upgrade the already existing ones.” New buildings bring new villagers, who will be able to help you through various means.

Currently, the Kickstarter is still running, although Regalia has already been funded and a few stretch goals have been reached. The PS4 and PS Vita versions should come out in early 2017, with the PC version coming out in October of 2016. To find out more info on the game, check out its Kickstarter page here.

[Source: Kickstarter, Pixelated Milk (YouTube)]