Report: Your Destiny Red Bull Codes for The Taken King Might Not Work and Here’s Why

Just last month, we reported that Activision has tied up with energy drink Red Bull for exclusive quests for Destiny’s upcoming The Taken King expansion — which, predictably, has not been received well.

Well, in case you bought Red Bull and found out that your codes don’t work or has already been redemeemed, here’s the reason why: it seems the codes that offer the exclusive quest and XP boosts are very easy to guess. It’s gotten to the point that some people have already guessed a few correctly without buying a Red Bull at all. Unfortunately, this means that a significant number of Red Bull cans tied up with the marketing deal will now house codes that are unusable. 

Instances of people buying cans with invalid codes have already popped up, and no doubt this will increase as more people become aware of this little snag. To further add to the problem, the Destiny Red Bull code redemption site has been slow throughout the day, and at times, inaccessible. 

We’ll keep you posted if and when Activision offers an official statement.

Are you one of the affected? If so, let us know of your experience in the comments below.

[Source: NeoGAF via GameSpot]