F1 2015 Will Have an Updated Matchmaking, Introduces “Feature Race” Lobby System

F1 2015 is due out this month on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but Game Designer Steven Embling wants you to know a little about the racer’s multiplayer mode before the game actually releases.

On the official Codemasters blog, Embling explained that F1 2015 will have a new matchmaking system, making it easier to pick which types of races players want to compete in. He also mentioned that “F1 2015 allows you to play other game modes… while matching takes place.”

We use the new Hopper matchmaking system for F1 2015 meaning we offer players a wide variety of preset session types they can take part in. The session type spans various circuit type preferences, ability levels, race distances and more. Players can easily search for the kind of multiplayer session experience that they want, making the online racing experience in F1 2015 even more exciting.

After you’ve decided what type of session you want to search for, F1 2015 allows you to play other game modes while the game does all the hard work so you never have to wait on a searching screen while matching takes place. Want some last minute practice on a particular circuit? Just queue up for your chosen Hopper and then go set your best lap times in Time Trial mode.

In addition to the matchmaking improvements, F1 2015 also will have a new “Feature Race” lobby system, which will allow racers to race on circuits that correspond with “the real life Formula One season.”

Also new for F1 2015 is an innovative experience we call the Feature Race. This is a specific lobby set up to correspond with the real life Formula One season. As Formula One moves on from circuit to circuit so does the feature race in F1 2015 to recreate the real world championship.

What do you think of the update multiplayer matchmaking system? Think you might give F1 2015 a try later this month?

[Source: Codemasters]