Multiplayer Shooter Broken Bots Launches in Early 2016 on PS4

Developed by Bunnycopter, Broken Bots is a top-down multiplayer shooter set for release in early 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC, with a Steam Early Access launch planned for August 4 at $6.99 (regular price will be $11.99).

Battling in teams for control of the map in various game modes, Broken Bots adds a unique twist in that you can cause other players’ bots to malfunction.

Here’s the description for Broken Bots, according to its Steam page:

Broken Bots is an online multiplayer top-down shooter in which multiple teams battle for control of the map. Complete objectives to keep your systems running or your bot will malfunction, giving you extra hurdles to overcome while fighting your enemies. Learn to deal with the unexpected, capitalize on malfunctions that work to your advantage. Fast-paced and action-packed!

Broken Bots takes place in a high-tech futuristic universe where robots still deal with bugs, malfunctions, technological deficiencies and the frustrations they come with. Bots will break down and malfunction as they get damaged. These malfunctions can have both a negative or positive effect on your ability to perform in battle. A drivetrain malfunction might slow you down, or overcharge your engine and give you superspeed!

Choose from a variety of bots with different weapons and skills. Lasers, flamethrowers, rocketlaunchers,… you name it! Configure your bot to your liking with passives and secondary skills. Make your enemies malfunctions by blasting them with EMP’s, or pop a shield to suppress incoming fire at that crucial moment. Drop mines and defense turrets around the map to gain a tactical advantage or repair your bot with defensive skills.


  • Multiple Game Modes : CTF, King of the hill, Team Deathmatch and more…
  • Up to 16 player online battles
  • Local Tournament Mode
  • AI Enemies both offline and online so you’ll never fight alone
  • Customize your bot load-out with various skills and passives
  • Malfunctions! both positive (increased speed, fire rate, bullet spread,…) and negative (reverse controls, aiming, decreased speed,…)
  • Online leaderboards and ranking system

Other planned features for the full release of Broken Bots on PS4 include local split-screen multiplayer, Domination and Survival game modes, and more maps and new loadouts.

Niels Dehaes of Bunnycopter said, “We’re very excited to get Broken Bots in the hands of players and see what modes, features, and maps resonate the most during Early Access. That feedback will aid in how we add to and iterate the game, which we’ll do on a regular rhythm.”