Rocket League Developer Originally Didn’t Want It to Be a Free PS Plus Game

In a post on the official Psyonix Studios forum, Studio Head Dave Hagewood thanked the many fans of Rocket League, and decided to talk about the title being one of the PlayStation Plus free games of the month.

Apparently, after all the hype the beta version of the game created, Psyonix wasn’t sure it wanted to have it be a free PlayStation Plus game. However, Sony stepped in and made them a “solid offer,” and the rest is history.

PS+ Instant Game Collection has been an interesting story for us. When the great people at Sony proposed it to us a while back we thought it was a great idea. At the time we didn’t know if the game was going to be successful enough for all the work we put into it and this would be a way to expose it to a larger audience. We always knew that Rocket League would be big if we could get enough people to try it.

Then…the Beta happened. With all the new hype surrounding the game it didn’t seem to make sense to go forward with PS+ IGC. At this point we were pretty set to go forward with a regular release. Then Sony stepped up and told us how much they really wanted the game on IGC. They made us a solid offer and promised to really help promote the title. Coupled with the larger player base and general goodwill it spreads we decided to go for it.

Are you glad Rocket League was a free PS Plus game? How are you enjoying it so far?

[Source: Psyonix]