New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer to Be Unveiled at gamescom, Most Asked Questions Answered in FAQ

At this year’s E3, EA rolled out our first real look at Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Now, if you’re looking forward to more of the action game, then you don’t have to wait long.

EA has confirmed that it will unveil a new trailer for Catalyst, as well as have the game playable on the show floor. In addition to those details, EA has published a short FAQ for Catalyst that should answer some of the more basic — but often repeated — questions.

1. Is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a prequel, a sequel or something entirely else?

As we got ready to bring the franchise to a new generation, we wanted to take the core of the first game, the unique first person gameplay and style, and make it even better. We’ve carefully re-evaluated every aspect of the game to make it a new experience that will honor the first game, but also bring a lot of new, interesting gameplay and features to our fans. In terms of the story, this is Faith’s origin story, you’ll experience her journey from being a carefree runner to the heroine who is the catalyst for change

2. Is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a free-roaming game and what does that mean?

In between the story missions, you’ll be able to freely roam in the beautiful, high-tech city of Glass at your own pace and without any loading screens. Explore every corner from the highest, glass made skyscrapers to the hidden underground tunnels and take on different challenges that will put your runner skills to the test.

3. When is it going to be released and for what platform?

I’m happy to tell you that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Origin starting February 23rd (North America) and February 25th 2016 (Europe). 

Make sure to check out our hands-on preview of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and take a look at the $200 collector’s edition that includes its own Faith.

[Source: Mirror’s Edge]