Madden NFL 16 Soundtrack Released, Listen for Free on Spotify

The Madden NFL 16 soundtrack as finally been released, and just as EA promised a few months ago, it is ripe with new artists and songs.

There are thirty songs on the soundtrack, and each one is performed by a different artist. EA Executive Steve Schnur explained that EA is returning it is “roots” with this soundtrack, and it is “truly one of our most adventurous” ones.

For the last few years, our Madden soundtracks focused on recreating the stadium experience. But with Madden NFL 16, we’ve now returned to our roots for introducing new artists and new music. This soundtrack is truly one of our most adventurous, and one we think fans will enjoy the mix of genres and artists we’ve included.

The soundtrack can either be heard in NFL 16 when it releases next month, or it can be heard for free by going to the Spotify website or by checking out the Spotify player below:

Be sure to let us know which songs from the Madden NFL 16 soundtrack are your favorites.

[Source: GameSpot]