Majesco Now Focusing on Digital Games, New A Boy and His Blob in Development for Consoles

Following financial troubles that led to the cancellation of Gone Home on consoles, publisher Majesco has announced that they’ll be moving to a digital-only future in hopes of becoming profitable once again.

Former CEO Jesse Sutton, who resigned on July 27, said, “With the rapidly changing landscape of connected gaming, we have faced increasingly challenging market conditions while watching the high risk retail gaming business diminish in importance.” He adds that Majesco has “reduced its exposure to the retail market with a renewed focus on the download gaming business, which has come to dominate the market.”

Expected to launch within the next two fiscal quarters, Majesco is working on a game called Glue, as well as a new entry in the A Boy and His Blob series. Both will be released on “all next generation consoles and in some cases, PC.”

As well, Majesco is down to five full-time employees, while David Rector will take over as Majesco CEO and chairman of the board.

[Source: Polygon via Gematsu, Screenshot is from Costume Quest 2]