PlayStation Store Sale Highlights – August 11-18 2015

Welcome to the sophomore installment of PlayStation LifeStyle’s PlayStation Store Sale Spotlight, the video series where we highlight the latest and greatest deals clamoring for your attention on Sony’s digital storefront. 

After the publisher rolled out the update just yesterday, we’ve cherry-picked a trio of games for your consideration. Though it may be a relatively quiet week, expect quirky hairstyles aplenty with Square Enix discounting a whole host of beloved JRPGs, with the PSP remaster Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions earning our vote.

Beyond that we also usher Capcom’s Devil May Cry HD Collection into the limelight – as if Dante needed an invitation – before diving into the gloriously OTT Kung Fury: Street Rage.  

What do you think, then? Indeed do you believe there is a glaring omission in our picks? If so, you can drop us a line at [email protected]

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