Here’s 60 Minutes of Zombi PS4 Gameplay, Trophy List Includes a Platinum

Launching tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Zombi is the upgraded version of ZombiU, which adds more weapons, faster load times, a dedicated button for the backpack, and more, while removing multiplayer.

Recently, Ubisoft Australia went hands-on with Zombi on PlayStation 4 and streamed the whole thing through Twitch. During the video, you’ll learn about the mechanics of Zombi, see some of the differences between this new version and the Wii U version, and watch lots of zombie killing.

For key points in the video, skip ahead to 3:00 for the gameplay and explanations of some of the differences. Then, at 7:30, they switch to full-screen and explore the world.

During the video, Ubisoft also says Zombi will cost $29.95 in Australia. Based off of this, expect Zombi to retail for $19.99 in North America when it hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Exophase also revealed the Trophy List for Zombi, which includes a Platinum:

Will you be getting Zombi?

[Source: Exophase via Polygon]