PSA: PlayStation Mobile Re-Downloads Ending This Week

While we’ve already reported on the last day (September 10, 2015) when users will be able to re-download PlayStation Mobile purchased content, we’re reporting on it again just to let people know since it’s this week.

Here’s Sony’s complete post on the matter which was posted last March 10, 2015 but was edited just five days ago:

On March 10th, SCE notified users that they must activate their PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita)/PlayStation®TV (PS TV) systems in order to continue playing their PlayStation®Mobile (PSM) content after the termination of the service. However, it has become apparent that even if users activate their devices by following the notified procedure, their devices may become deactivated in certain cases.

We are currently looking into this case, and will confirm details of necessary procedures and implementation periods again as soon as they are ready. Meanwhile, users can continue to enjoy their PSM content by connecting their PS Vita/PS TV to the network.

Furthermore, the below will be discontinued or become unavailable on September 10th as previously announced:

  • In-app purchases
  • Re-download of previously purchased content
  • PlayStation Mobile application for Android

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

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[Source: PlayStation Forums]