Destiny: The Taken King The Legend of You Website App Lets Your Guardian Star in Their Own Trailer

If you’ve seen the Destiny: The Taking King Japanese commercial and thought it was a nice way of marketing, then this one ups that and then some.

Over on Bungie’s site, the developer is giving players the chance to have their own Guardians star in a The Taken King trailer all their own in “The Legend of You.” Not only is your in-game character shown, but it also lists down some of your accomplishments and stats as well. 

Check out the video above for my own Guardian trailer. Take note that I haven’t played Destiny since December (I think), so it’s not as good as I want it to be. Even so, this might have hyped me more to play The Taken King — and get back in to Destiny — more than anything out there.

You can slap in your (or someone else’s) PSN ID here and watch the trailer get made in just a few short minutes. 

Share your own Guardian trailer in the comments below, and remember: it’s not always about the stats.

Our Destiny: The Taken King review will be up later this week once we’ve played the game in real-world conditions.