Red Game Without a Great Name Is Coming to PlayStation Vita

Nominated for the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect USA 2015, Red Game Without a Great Name is coming to PlayStation Vita, developer iFun4All announced today. Pricing and release date information wasn’t revealed.

Billed as a “demanding mobile 2D arcade puzzle game,” Red Game Without a Great Name sees you controlling a mechanical bird in its quest to deliver secret messages in a hostile Steampunk world where long distance communication is limited to post services.

iFun4All talked about the controls and features:

You control the teleporting bird using touch and swipe mechanics. The levels you have to complete are filled with traps like barbed wire, windmill blades, and spikes. A good deal of reflexes and fast planning will be a must. Pick up power-ups to gain temporary abilities, like smashing walls, or invulnerability to damage. Collect gears to fully complete the game.


  • Simple to grasp, hard to master game mechanic
  • 60 levels filled with traps to overcome
  • 180 gears to collect
  • 3 power-ups to enhance your abilities
  • Unique art style dominated by red
  • One more attempt syndrome

What do you think of Red Game Without a Great Name?