11 Persona 3 Songs Superb for Persona 4: Dancing All Night DLC

October 4, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


With the great reception of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, there’s been fan talk of a Persona 3 rhythm game. I wouldn’t be wholly opposed to that idea, I would be mostly opposed, because I’d rather just take the clump of good songs and make them DLC for Persona 4 version. Making this DLC stuff takes a lot of work, energy, and programming and stuff. I’d rather the Atlus crew just note routines using the stage and character assets already in place, there’s no need for more.

There’s also the issue of Persona 3‘s cast being a total snooze party compared to 4’s. They tried adding personality to a character who didn’t really have one in P4D, and it was one of the game’s few flaws.

So I propose we ease the issue of P4D‘s relatively thin song list while not having to deal with the issue of Persona 3’s cast. Let’s talk about Persona 3 songs that would be great in Persona 4: Dancing All Night as DLC, and who could dance to them.


Who Dances to It: Yosuke

Yosuke’s dance to “Backside of the TV” in Persona 4: Dancing All Night is so fucking rad that we have to follow suit and give him the battle theme of Persona 3, too.


Who Dances to it: Margaret

True, P4D already has one take on the Velvet Room Theme, but in a game where many songs appear more than once, that track is good enough to be among them. Maybe Marie could jump in as a partner?


Who Dances to It: Kanami and Rise team-up (regular version), Chie (Last Battle version)

The regular version seems like something you could make a nice pro-idol duo dance with, while the “Last Battle” take just screams for Chie’s kung-fu dance moves.


Who Dances to It: Rise

This seems perfect for a pop idol like Rise.


Who Dances to It: Nanako

This catchy shopping theme is perfectly suited for an elementary schooler, especially one who loves going to shopping centers as much as Nanako does. She already loves to sing department store theme songs, so why the heck not? This song is already in the game, just not playable as a dance mix. It plays at the shopping screen, where you spend your in-game points on new outfits and stuff.


Who Dances to It: None, anime montage.

Despite all that shit I talked before, Aigis and Yukari might be good for this song, if we did get Persona 3 characters, but since we’re not talking about that, I won’t put that here. I will not mention them. No printing of their names.

Okay that’s six damn videos on one page. Let’s finish this on Page 2!

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