Supermassive Speaks up on Until Dawn Anthology Suggestions

While Supermassive has confirmed that it’s already talking internally about a sequel to Until Dawn, more than a handful of people have suggested that the studio treat the franchise as an anthology.

It this something in the cards if ever a sequel is announced? We asked this very question to Supermassive Executive Producer Pete Samuels and here’s what he said:

PlayStation LifeStyle: On that note, what does Supermassive think of an anthology theme for Until Dawn? Say, having the same cast of actors but in a different story, setting and roles?

This is one of many suggestions that fans of Until Dawn have been tweeting. As I’ve said, we do listen carefully to the feedback from fans and always consider how that should influence what we do. I’ve also said that we’re already working on our next thing but we’re not ready to talk about that just yet.

While there’s no outright confirmation, it’s good to know that Supermassive is aware of what the fans want. 

Would you want Until Dawn to follow the Anthology route or should Supermassive continue with the story it started?

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