No Until Dawn DLC Currently in Development, Supermassive Working on Its Next Game

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers.

Supermassive Games’ Will Byles and Tom Heaton have confirmed during a Reddit AMA that the developer isn’t working on any DLC for Until Dawn at the moment. The duo said that they had come across some great ideas on various websites, but unfortunately, nothing is currently in development. When specifically asked about the recent rumor of a PlayStation VR compatible DLC, Supermassive declined to comment so it’s quite possible that Destructoid’s source was on to something.

The duo did confirm, however, that Supermassive is already working on its next game and it hopes that Until Dawn fans will love that one, too. That said, don’t expect an announcement anytime soon since the game is in very early stages of development.

Elsewhere in the AMA, Byles and Heaton were asked if Supermassive plans to release death ratios of all the characters, to which they said that they unfortunately don’t have that data, but by their estimates, Emily and Chris seem to die the most. As for the question of why the developer decided to opt for Wendigos as opposed to your typical horror movie serial killer, the duo said:

From the outset we wanted to subvert the slasher genre and play with different genres in the same game. The Wendigo myth fits well with the game’s location. And it’s the source of most shapeshifter legends.

Quite a few people who played Until Dawn developed a disliking for Emily (confession: I did, too). When a user asked Byles and Heaton if Emily was intentionally made to be a “bitchy” character, the duo said that her character arc is “potentially one of the most interesting and heroic of the game.”

Emily’s character isn’t just one shade. She can be bitchy at first, but who would blame her given her situation. Her character arc is potentially one of the most interesting and heroic of the game. She is both of our favorite character.

However, the developers purposely designed “identifiable but flawed” characters in order to engage players. 

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[Source: Reddit]