The VOTE: PGW 2015 – Did Sony Paris Games Week Impress You?

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I was out of the office last week, so you had some extra time to think about if you wanted Supermassive Games to make Until Dawn 2 or work on something new. We know that they are working on VR exclusive DLC for Until Dawn right now, thanks to Paris Games Week, but how many of you want more? 54% would like to see an anthology, utilizing the same characters but a completely different story. 29% want a sequel, with the same characters, same world, and same lore from the first game. 15% are asking for Supermassive to work on a completely new game, and 2% have some other hair brained idea for Supermassive that somehow doesn’t fall into any of these categories, some of which you can read about in the comments on that poll.

Paris Games Week is going on this week, and Sony had their press conference just a few days ago, announcing a series of new games and updates, including Tekken 7 VR, Until Dawn VR DLC, and Quantic Dream’s new project, Detroit, which we shared our thoughts on in a Now Loading piece this week. With all of these announcements pouring out, we want to know if Sony impressed you. Are they getting you more excited for PlayStation VR? Did you like what you saw of Uncharted 4’s multiplayer? Did Sony impress you with their PGW 2015 conference? Vote below and make your voice heard!

We’ve gotten a slew of new announcements out of Paris Games Week, and we want to know if Sony impressed you with t… in PlayStation LifeStyle Polls on LockerDome

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