New Dragon Quest Builders Details Revealed, Town and Experience Points Introduced

Square Enix has released some new information about Dragon Quest Builders, introducing the town, explaining the experience points, and more. Details (translation courtesy of Gematsu) can be found below:


The town is the protagonist’s base. Here, he’ll construct buildings and level up. If he levels up, he can learn new recipes for making items and further the town’s development.

Experience Points

There are three requirements to construct a building: “enclosing a building by at least two levels of blocks,” “providing lighting (such as torches),” and “placing a door.” You’ll gain experience points for simply constructing a building, but by fussing over the interior…

Camp Gauge

When the Camp Gauge reaches its maximum point, you’ll level up. You’ll obtain different values of experience based on the items you place, so try placing a variety of items.


Not only can you level up the town, but by talking to villagers when you’ve obtained specific materials, you can learn new recipes. Exploring all over is the key to unlocking new recipes.

Using recipes, you can make items such as the “Storage Chest,” in which you can store created items, or the “Signpost,” a regular item of the Dragon Quest series.


In Dragon Quest Builders, by developing the town and rescuing scattered villagers, more and more people will inhabit the town. To make their lives easier, they’ll ask the protagonist for various requests. By taking on these requests, the protagonist will be granted various rewards. Additionally, villagers will help fight off monsters when the town is invaded.

You can also catch a rerun of the recently held “Extra Curricular” livestream in the video above.

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[Source: Gematsu]