PS4 Update 3.11 Released, Brings More of That Familiar Stuff

Sony has released yet another update to the PlayStation 4 today, which can be downloaded now. However, unlike its latest system software patch (3.10), PS4 update 3.11 doesn’t really offer anything new.

Yep, PS4 update 3.11 adds nothing more than everyone’s favorite — some sweet, sweet system software stability. It does clock in at 250MB, though. 


Let’s hope Sony has another system update planned soon to add more features that the PS4 community wants. Either that, or at least fix some of the concerns we have for some of 3.00’s additions.

What features should Sony roll out for its next non-stability PS4 update? Will it even be mentioned during Sony’s PlayStation Experience press conference? 

If you want to learn how to join the official PlayStation LifeStyle PS4 community, watch the video here, or check the gallery below.

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