Amy Hennig: Visceral’s Star Wars Game a “Perfect Collision” of Talent

Dead Space developer Visceral Games is currently in the thick of production on an Uncharted-style Star Wars game. Headed up by former Naughty Dog employee Amy Hennig, there have been unconfirmed murmurings that the all-new title would be pirate-themed and revolve around a certain Han Solo.

However, with Star Wars Battlefront only out of the gates, it’s still too early for Visceral to reveal anything official, though Hennig has offered an insight into the team that’s been assembled for the creative undertaking. Leveraging resources across EA, Lucasfilm and Visceral Games, the studio’s Creative Director has spoke highly of those involved in the project, stating that “it just seems like kind of this perfect collision of everyone being in the right mindset at the right time.”

Penning the game’s story in tandem with Todd Stashwick, Hennig is also receiving help from Jade Raymond. Having joined EA back in June, the former Assassin’s Creed producer has helped establish Motive Studios within EA, and we understand that the developer has creative ownership of almost 50 percent of Visceral’s Star Wars experience.   

No word yet on a timeline for the release of the studio’s galactic adventure, though we’ll keep you updated as it continues to truck along in development. Star Wars Battlefront, meanwhile, is available now in North America.