EA Calls Star Wars Battlefront DLC Battle of Jakku “The First Free DLC”

Do you find Star Wars Battlefront’s maps and modes a little lacking? If so, don’t forget that in just a few short weeks, Battle of Jakku expansion will be rolled out for all platforms, and will — most importantly — be free.

While we already know the rough outline of Star Wars Battlefront’s Season Pass, could the game be getting more free DLC? This question has come to the forefront of some Twitter users today, as the official EA Star Wars Twitter mentioned how Battle of Jakku is the “first free DLC” for Star Wars Battlefront.

Not an outright confirmation, but seeing as EA called it the “first,” then you can’t blame people for asking if there’s more free Star Wars Battlefront DLC on the way. And don’t forget, it’s not like EA is opposed to the idea of free DLCs for its big games either; Battlefield 4 is certainly a good example of a big multiplayer-centric game that’s still getting free maps presently.

Do you think EA will roll out more free Star Wars Battlefront DLC aside from Battle of Jakku or are we hoping for too much?

[Source EA Star Wars (Twitter)]