Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Post-Apocalyptic Action MMO Pangaea: New World

LVR Studio Ltd. has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its post-apocalyptic action MMO, Pangaea: New World, with a goal of $250,000. The 30-day campaign (with 28 days left) seeks community support for the game’s release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. Inspired by games like Fallout, The Witcher and Mass Effect, Pangaea: New World is described as “an innovative and unique open-world, multiplayer action game that, at its core, is a post-apocalyptic, survival, sci-fi shooter game.” The developer wrote on its Kickstarter page:

We are not only making a game, we are creating an entirely unique and innovative world. That means a new RPG system, entirely new art, new characters, animation, and whole lot of lore and dialogue. Pangaea: New World will be a kick-ass shooter game that has RPG elements, character customization, menacing mutant combatants, a killer story, challenging end-game content, competitive multiplayer capabilities that are tied together in an unrelenting and obstinate world where players can encounter other real players as part of their daily routine.

Pangaea provides the opportunity to encounter human players going about their business, this is something you would expect it in the real world, but to have it happen in a first person action game is unexpected and enriches the entire gaming experience. You will have the ability to ignore people just like you do in the real world, or you can engage with them. That freedom and the game play ramifications are incredible, unique, innovative, cutting-edge and transform Pangaea from a video game into an epic gaming experience for the ages.

Pangaea: New World was recently greenlit on Steam, and if the campaign is successful, the game will release on the aforementioned platforms towards the end of 2016.