Sci-Fi Exploration Game Eclipse Unveiled For PlayStation VR

Developer White Elk Studios has showcased the first screenshots for Eclipse, a first-person exploration title that’s headed to PlayStation VR. 

Headed up by Sony Santa Monica alum Jonathan Hawkins, Eclipse represents White Elk’s debut, and Hawkins offered some insight into the sci-fi title via PlayStation Blog. 

Eclipse is a first-person exploration game set on a sentient planet with a dark past. At its core is a mysterious story of a world filled with discovery and wonder. You awake after crash-landing to find yourself in a dreamscape environment, littered with the remnants of a failed civilization.

Upon crash landing on an alien world, the game sees players uncovering the planet’s murky history and, in particular, the Artifact — an ancient and powerful lodestone that can manipulate the atmosphere. Dolling out its narrative through environmental storytelling, most of your time spent in White Elk’s title will have you exploring cavernous rooms and yawning canyons, and all the mysteries they hold.

What are your early impressions of Eclipse? You can feast your eyes on the first screenshots below.

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