Star Wars Battlefront Infographic Released by EA, Shows How the Battle Is Shaping Up

Like it or not, it seems EA’s Star Wars Battlefront has become a huge hit for the publisher. To remind us of this feat, EA sent over an infographic that highlights data from Star Wars Battlefront.

Did you know the most used Hero was Boba Fett, while the least used was The Emperor? To date, there are more than 442 million vehicles destroyed in the game, with the AT-ST being the deadliest vehicle with over 61 million in-game kills! You can check out the complete list of stats in the gallery below.

How are you liking Star Wars Battlefront so far? Don’t forget that the Battle of Jakku free DLC will be out this week for everyone, which should give fans an extra map for Walker Assault, and even a new mode called Turning Point.

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