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Everything Wrong With Star Wars Battlefront

Same as with most big games that get released today that get the “Everything Wrong With” treatment here at PlayStation LifeStyle, Star Wars Battlefront is not spared! 

While DICE’s reboot of Battlefront is a fun romp and most likely the first fun Star Wars game in a good number of years, we can’t deny that there’s more than a few nagging issues we have with it. There’s the Homing Shot Star Card, the map count, and quite a few more. Bear in mind that this doesn’t include our gripes with Battlefront’s main mode, Walker Assault, which we’ve discussed in this week’s Top 5 Tuesday video. Needless to say, we pulled no punches in our latest video, Everything Wrong With Star Wars Battlefront.

Do you agree with our complaints? Did we miss anything? What are your main complaints in Star Wars Battlefront? Share ’em in the comments below.

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