Star Wars Battlefront Maps to Be Dynamic, Adapts to Who’s Winning

While DICE introduced “Levolution” in Battlefield 4’s maps, the studio’s next shooter — Star Wars Battlefront — will have something similar called “Battle Beyond.”

In an interview, DICE General Manager Patrick Bach confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront maps will be dynamic in the sense that certain environmental factors will change depending on the tide of the match.

We have a concept we call Battle Beyond…The cool thing with this is it’s actually part of the player feedback. So depending on which side is winning or losing, these events actually change

Bach adds that it’s “bluntly obvious” on who’s winning and it usually has to do with the UI (user interface).

It’s what you usually do in a UI, you make it bluntly obvious. It’s slowly hinting at who’s winning, and I think it’s a brilliant concept to give you the information and emotion you need to understand or change your plans…. You don’t need a gauge blinking. It’s part of the world.

You can check out what Bach means in this Battlefront gameplay footage where an Imperial Star Destroyer can be seen crashing on Tatooine.

How do you want DICE to implement this feature in Battlefront? Should every map feature it?

[Source: IGN via Videogamer]