Darth Vader-Themed DualShock 4 Will Be Available Separately

If you’ve had your heart set on Sony’s limited edition Darth Vader-themed PlayStation 4 bundle since it was unveiled in August, you’ll be pleased to note that the company plans to sell the custom DualShock 4 separately when Star Wars Battlefront arrives next week. 

Retaining the same form factor as its jet-black parent console, the controller channels the spirit of the Galactic Empire, featuring a red D-pad complimented with white analogue sticks.

Confirming the news via Twitter, both Sony UK and Sony EU noted that the limited edition DualShock 4 will launch day and date with Battlefront, though there was no mention of a specific price point at this time.  

After being heavily involved in the shooter’s campaign, DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront is primed to launch for PlayStation 4 on November 17 in North America. 

[Source: PlayStation UK]