Rainbow Six Siege Update Expected This Week, Hardcore Playlist a High Priority for 2016

Wanting to “consistently improve the online experience for all players,” Ubisoft announced some upcoming changes to Rainbow Six Siege’s main PvP playlist, Casual and Rank.

First up, Ubisoft will be releasing a patch this week (expect notes soon) to synch back the HUD of Casual/Ranked playlists:

This will be done two weeks after launch through a title update. After compiling the Open Beta feedback we received, we have refined our choices for HUD settings and have decided to apply them identically to both Ranked and Casual. Minor exceptions will exist however for settings other than HUD.

Ubisoft wants the Casual and Ranked experience to be as close as possible, so players of Casual matches don’t have to re-learn new settings. They also want Ranked players to try out Casual, “either to play without ‘ladder anxiety’ or just to try out a new strategy or Operator.”

Then, in 2016, a high priority for the development is developing and launching a dedicated, more realistic hardcore playlist:

Current plan is to develop a full-fledged hardcore playlist (if the player base allows it). By having hardcore be its own playlist, we will have the liberty to have the hardcore experience that we want and that the community deserves. Meanwhile, players will be able to enjoy a Hardcore pre-set in Custom games.

Contents of the hardcore playlist are still being decided, but they are considering a minimal HUD, as well as displaying mag count instead of ammo count.

You can read more about the changes to Ranked and Casual by following the link below.

[Source: Ubisoft Forums]