YIIK Will Be Cross-Buy and Cross-Save on PS4 & Vita

In a world where we see “cross buy” a lot less frequently than we were led to believe we would, there’s at least this turn-based RPG to look forward to. During a podcast/interview with Ackk Studios, makers of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, I asked co-director and composer Andrew Allanson:

Heath Hindman: These podcasts are posted on PlayStation LifeStyle and that community in particular will want to know if thePS4 and Vita versions come with cross-save functionality.

Andrew Allanson: Yes.

Hindman: Well that was easy.

Allanson: And they will also have Cross-Buy.

Hindman: Oh? I didn’t even ask about Cross-Buy ’cause it seems like nobody does that anymore.

Allanson: Well I mean…. Look, no one’s gonna buy the game twice. That’s ridiculous. The game’s gonna be about $20, and… when you buy it, play it how you want. Enjoy it. It’s yours. If you want to play on Vita, play it on Vita; if you’re gonna play it on PlayStation 4, play it there. If you want to alternate, that’s fine, just enjoy the game. But you don’t have to buy the game twice.

I recently took a look at the YIIK‘s soundtrack here. The full interview and a play report of my time with a demo will appear on PSLS very soon.