The VOTE: Can Bungie’s Plan for Destiny Bring You Back?

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Without much in the way of news to go on last week, we opted for a general inquiry about how you like your games media. 24% of you opted for digital media, 53% are strictly physical, and 23% accept a healthy mix of both kinds. Despite digital becoming more commonly accepted, it looks like most you still prefer the physical disc. 

Bungie’s divisive MMO shooter has seen a drop in audience recently, resulting in a survey being emailed out asking why players have stopped playing. It seems that the results from this survey will be used in the future of the game, which they outlined as having a major update in spring and an expansion in fall this year, and then a sequel to the game next year. Read up on each of those posts carefully because those are the basis for the question that we’re about to ask. 

Readers of PlayStation LifeStyle may be quite familiar with my past obsession with Destiny, though even my own compulsion has faded more recently. I played a little bit of the Sparrow Racing League at PSX 2015, but I haven’t actually booted up my own game since November, and by that point I was already tapering off. With many dedicated players probably finding themselves in similar situations with the grind, we want to know if Bugnie’s plans for this year could bring you back to Destiny or if you are done with it. Make sure Bungie hears you loud and clear by voting below!

Bungie recently outlined a broad overview of this year’s plans for Destiny. With many players having stopped the g… in PlayStation LifeStyle’s Hangs on LockerDome

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