The VOTE: Are Launch Day Issues and Day One Patches Acceptable?

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Last week we brought up the legendary forbidden topic here on PSLS: Destiny.  With new plans being announced by Bungie for Destiny in 2016, we wanted to know if it would be enough to bring you back to play the online shooter. The breakdown is unsurprising for the comments that we generally hear from our readers. 15% of you say you never left in the first place, 29% look forward to getting back into the game, 52% say that you are done with Destiny, and 4% indicate that you never got sucked in to the madness that is Bungie’s divisive title.

Street Fighter V’s release has placed a huge focus on games releasing with launch day issues and whether or not it should be acceptable. People are still having trouble with the online mode, and there is admittedly very little content outside of the network connected battles. Even Capcom openly admits that there is much left to be optimized on this currently released game. Pairing up with our staff opinions that we posted yesterday about broken games and day one patches, we wanted to see where the numbers lie for our readers. Is it acceptable for a game to release with issues even if the developer can patch in fixes? Should gamers expect patches before a game is considered complete or should that game release as pristine as possible out of the box (or hot off the download)? Let us know by voting below!

Street Fighter V released with numerous issues at launch and still requiers optimizations to the game to make it c… in PlayStation LifeStyle’s Hangs on LockerDome

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