Rocket League Headed to Retail, Most Downloaded PS+ Game of All Time (Update)


Quick update on Rocket League’s sales numbers. It seems it has yet to break four million for now, but it’s nearly there. And what’s more, that four million figure does NOT include PS+ downloads! Proper breakdown of the title per platform has not been revealed.

Overall, Rocket League has bought in over $70 million in revenue since launching last year. 

Apologies to anyone that I might have mislead. Apparently, it’s a bigger success than we thought. Congrats, Psyonix!

[Source: Gamasutra]

Original Story:

In case you’re one of the two people in the world who didn’t download Rocket League way back when it was a freebie on PlayStation Plus, Psyonix has confirmed that Rocket League will get a retail release. This was confirmed by studio VP, Jeremy Dunham, during a Twitch stream with Kinda Funny Games.

Exact release dates, region where it will be available and final price has not been revealed, unfortunately. Also revealed during the stream is just how successful Rocket League has been so far. According to Psyonix, Rocket League is now the most downloaded PS+ game since the service started, which is no small feat.

In addition to that, Dunham also revealed the Rocket League sales numbers so far, with the PC version now at 2.7 million units, while the PS4 version is at 1.4 million units for a combined total of four million so far. And nope, Xbox One sales weren’t mentioned, but it’s safe to say that the four million number will shoot up once you factor that in.

Congrats, Psyonix! If there’s an indie game that deserves all this success, it’s Rocket League. And seeing as how it’ll make its way onto retail, I have no doubt that four million number will shoot up tremendously. 

[Source: Kinda Funny Games (Twitch) via ControllerCrusade]