Expect New Double Dragon Games, Says Series Director Yoshihisa Kishimoto

Having released Double Dragon II on the PlayStation 4, series Director Yoshihisa Kishimoto has said that he plans to develop new Double Dragon games and wants fans to look forward to them. He revealed this during an interesting interview published for the PlayStation Blog about Double Dragon II‘s development and success.

When asked if he was expecting the game to be a hit around the world, Kishimoto said that he was “confident” that it would be while he was drafting the business proposal. 

I was confident we would make a big hit while I was drafting the business proposal. I have been working in games for more than 30 years. I’ve directed more than 50 titles, and produced more than 300. But Renegade and Double Dragon are the only two games I felt would be hits during their development.

He then went on to say that his ten years at Technos Japan Corporation are “the most precious years” of his life.

Elsewhere in the interview Kishimoto said that Double Dragon III was the first game to introduce in-game purchases and that Technos Japan is behind a lot of firsts in the video game world as it developed the first ever wrestling game, the first competitive fighter, and the first dodgeball and volleyball game.

You can read the full interview in the source link below. 

Double Dragon II is now available for $7.99.

[Source: PlayStation]