Trophy Lists Reveal Hitman Doesn’t Include a Platinum, Salt and Sanctuary Does


At least at launch, Hitman won’t include a Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 4, Exophase revealed today.

When Hitman releases on Friday, March 11, it will include the Prologue and Paris episode as part of the Intro Pack. Then, throughout 2016, developer Io-Interactive will bring out six more episodes.

For now, the Trophy list just focuses on the first episode (spoilers ahead):

Hitman Trophies

  • Unexpected Guest (Silver) – Disguise yourself as Mr. Norfolk and assassinate Kalvin Ritter.
  • Silent Assassin (Silver) – Complete The Final Test unspotted. Kill only Jasper Knight, ensuring his body is not found.
  • Tools of the Trade (Silver) – Assassinate Targets with Ballistic, Accident and Explosion Kills.
  • Training Escalated (Silver) – Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in the ICA Facility.
  • The Result of Previous Training (Bronze) – Complete Freeform Training in the Prologue.
  • Cleared for Field Duty (Bronze) – Complete The Final Test in the Prologue.
  • Seizing the Opportunity (Bronze) – Complete any Opportunity in The Final Test.
  • The Creative Assassin (Bronze) – Complete the Contract Creation Tutorial.
  • K-36D (Bronze) – Assassinate Jasper Knight with a sabotaged ejector seat.
  • Defection Deterred (Bronze) – Arrange matters so that the KGB Colonel kills Jasper Knight.
  • Security Defeated (Bronze) – Arrange matters so that a guard finds a discarded weapon and moves it into the hangar.
  • Chameleon (Bronze) – Change your disguise during The Final Test.
  • Contract Assassin(Bronze) – Complete 10 Contracts.
  • Top of the Class (Bronze) – Set the high score on a Contract.
  • A New Profile (Bronze) – Complete a Featured Contract.
  • Shhhh (Bronze) – Pacify any individual.
  • Unseen Assassin (Bronze) – Assassinate a Target without getting spotted.

Hitman Paris DLC Trophies

  • City of Light (Gold) – Reach Paris Mastery Level 20.
  • So Many Ways to Stop the Show (Silver) – Complete all Opportunities in The Showstopper.
  • When No One Else Dares (Bronze) – Complete The Showstopper.
  • The Showstopper (Bronze) – Assassinate Viktor Novikov in a light rig accident.
  • Meeting the Reaper (Bronze) – Become Tobias Reaper.
  • Paris Escalated (Bronze) – Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Paris.
  • Well Prepared (Bronze) – Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Paris.

Salt and Sanctuary is releasing on March 15 for PlayStation 4 as part of the Launch Party event. In the Trophy list posted on Exophase, they confirm it will have 38 total Trophies, including a Platinum.

Keeping in mind that there are spoilers ahead, here’s some of the toughest Trophies you’ll see in Salt and Sanctuary:

  • Saltborn (Platinum) – Achieve all possible trophies.
  • The Unspeakable Deep (Gold) – Defeat the Unspeakable Deep.
  • The Palace (Gold) – Defeat the Nameless God.
  • Find Salvation (Gold) – Escape the island.
  • Dominion (Gold) – Become the new lord of the island.
  • Honed (Silver) – Achieve the maximum upgrade level of a weapon.
  • Devoted (Silver) – Achieve the maximum devotion level in your creed.
  • Storied (Silver) – Bear all possible brands.

Do you think Hitman might get a Platinum Trophy once all the content is released?

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