Batman: Arkham Knight Update Today Fixes FreeFlow Combat Speed Issue

To help correct an issue discovered by high-level players after patch 1.13 was released, Rocksteady has brought out Batman: Arkham Knight update 1.14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Calling it a hotfix patch, and bringing the total size of all updates to 6.57GB, 1.14 will ensure combat speed increases as you chain together successful critical strikes, Community Manager Coda revealed:

The purpose of this hotfix patch is to make a tweak to FreeFlow Combat. We became aware of some reports from high-level players that the speed of combat wasn’t increasing with consecutive critical strikes following patch 1.13. With the arrival of this new hotfix patch, combat speed will once again increase as players chain together successful critical strikes. The change will be rolling out for all players over the next 48 hours.

Earlier today, an infinite bug was reported by high-level players in the wave-based combat maps where enemies wouldn’t take damage and you could increase your hits to max. As Coda replied, “Hey guys we’re aware of this issue and have passed on the details internally. We’ll update if we have anything to report.”

Have you noticed the improvements to Arkham Knight?

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