Hitman PS4 Analysis Reveals 30fps Cap Option, Lengthy Load Times

When Digital Foundry looked at the Hitman beta, they reported that it ran at an unlocked frame-rate ranging anywhere from 20fps – 60fps. Now, doing a full report on the final 1080p PlayStation 4 version of Hitman, they say frame-rate is improved by 10fps to 15fps compared to the beta.

After adding that performance “remains above 30fps the vast majority of the time,” Digital Foundry says the second training area runs close to a stable 60fps throughout. Although the frame-rate is still unlocked in Hitman and can dip below 30fps in busy areas, “the more serious drops in frame-rate we encountered in the beta have been completely eliminated here.”

If you’d prefer to cap the frame-rate at 30fps, developer Io-Interactive has included the option:

While the improved performance is certainly great news, we’re still not huge fans of variable, unlocked frame-rates – a concern we expressed in our analysis of the beta. The good news here is that the game’s developer, Io Interactive, is clearly listening to feedback and has taken steps to address our concerns. Hitman now includes the option to cap the game’s frame-rate at 30fps. As a result of the improved performance, it’s now possible to enjoy the game at an almost completely stable 30fps.

As for loading times, you can expect to wait over 90 seconds when starting the Paris map when using the stock hard drive on PS4 and Xbox One. There’s also a “noticeable pause” when bringing up the menu mid-game. On the brightside, “retrying a failed mission requires much less time, so it’s not likely to spoil the experience more than once in the game.”

Overall, Digital Foundry says, “Hitman turns in respectable performance on [Xbox One and PS4]. It’s not quite as consistent as we’d like, but the majority of the game can be experienced at a stable 30fps.”

Hitman releases tomorrow, March 11. You can read our review over here.

[Source: Eurogamer]