Tequila Works Reacquire Rights to Rime, Adventure Game May Go Multi-Platform

Surprising news coming out of Tequila Works today after the Spanish indie developer took to Twitter to confirm that it has reacquired the rights to Rime, the ethereal adventure game originally unveiled as a PS4 exclusive. 

Citing a desire to “realize its aspirations” for the new IP, the news indicates that Rime may eventually be released as a multi-platform title. 

Per Twitter:

No word yet on whether Tequila Works will self-publish the title, or shop around for a publisher to pick up the mantle from Sony, but it does call the development timeline into question. 

Prior to its official unveiling at Gamescom 2013, reports indicated that Microsoft originally issued the go-ahead on Rime, before ultimately passing on the studio’s Deadlight follow-up. One year later, Sony confirmed the whimsical adventure game as a PS4 exclusive, and the fact that Tequila had been teasing an announcement hinted that development was on track.  

Alas, with the studio now reacquiring the rights to Rime, it remains to be seen where Tequila Works will go from here. Unconfirmed reports surfacing via NeoGAF point to a fallout between Creative Director Raul Rubio and Sony, after the publisher purportedly pulled the plug on financial support due to a lack of tangible progress. 

There’s no official statement from Sony regarding the status of Rime, but we’ll keep you updated as this story develops. 

[Source: NeoGAF, Twitter]