Rocket League Developer Explains Benefits of Cross-Play PS4/Xbox One, Says “We’ve Got It Figured Out”

In an interview with GameSpotRocket League developer Psyonix Studios discussed its eagerness to be able to support cross-play multiplayer between PS4 and Xbox One players.

Claiming that they have “got it figured out,” confident that “technologically everything works,” the developer is waiting only on Sony to confirm its support.

The PlayStation 4 version already supports cross-play with PC players, so hopefully Xbox gamers will be able to join in on the fun and help populate the player pool even further. 

Psyonix are hoping for a positive response from Sony, as it would allow for better support for Rocket League, as detailed below.

The more people you have to throw in there, the less likely that psychological anomaly will kick in. Then you have the actual reality of it, which is, more players, for everyone, means more games, and more games means more participation and community feedback, which we can then put into the game as a whole and not have to worry about siloing off certain features of certain platforms because this version doesn’t have it, or whatever the situation may be.

Here’s hoping this gets resolved quickly, and cross-play becomes a prominent feature in future games.

The more the merrier, I say! But what about you? Is cross-play something you’d like to see in more new releases?

[Source: GameSpot]