Street Fighter V Servers Offline for 7 Hours Today Due to Maintenance

Likely to help prep for the big March update, Capcom will be taking the Street Fighter V servers offline for seven hours today from 10am PT/1pm ET until 5pm PT/8pm ET:

Capcom hasn’t set a release date for the March update, but they detailed it a couple of weeks ago, saying it includes Challenge Mode, the in-game shop, an Online Rematch Option, Battle Lounge improvements, bug fixes, throw escape changes, balancing, and more. Additionally, Alex will be added to the in-game shop, where he can be purchased with Fight Money (“more than enough” is earned for him by completing all Character Story Mode content).

In other Street Fighter V news, the $89.99 Deluxe Edition was released today in North America through the PlayStation Store, packing in the full game, Season Pass, and an exclusive PS4 Theme.

[Source: SFV Server]