Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison Video Highlights Performance Differences

In their PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One comparison of the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo, Digital Foundry discovered that the standalone 20-minute trial runs at around 900p and sees prolonged drops to 20fps.

After saying that the PS4 and Xbox One are equal in shadow quality, texture mapping, light, and effect levels in battle, Digital Foundry looked at the resolution, which is usually 900p on PS4:

On PS4 and Xbox One, we now have a fully dynamic framebuffer in this Platinum demo, rather than the fixed resolutions used previously. This means PS4 typically still runs at 900p, but can rise to a full 1080p if the rendering load is lightened – as spotted during a run down a simple hallway. On the other hand, Sony’s machine is now prone to dips under its original value, and engaging the demo’s final boss flags a slightly lesser 1568 x 882 reading. We’ve yet to see PS4’s pixel output go any lower, though we can’t rule out the possibility in the final game, where the engine could be pushed harder.

Square Enix is targeting 30 frames-per-second in the full game that launches on September 30, but for the demo, Digital Foundry notes drops as low as 15fps, depending on the action:

Once again PS4 leads the charge by a margin of 5fps in matching stress-tests, where close-ups on Noctis see the engine struggling on each format. However, prolonged drops to 20fps (and a low of 15fps on each) are in evidence during the final boss battle on PS4 and Xbox One. Alpha effects are the expected culprit in battle, which is at odds with the rapid pace of its combat. With six months to go until Final Fantasy 15’s launch, there’s still time to tinker, but given we’ve seen little change since the last demo, it is a growing concern.

Like Bloodborne, the Platinum Demo has an issue with frame-pacing in cut-scenes, causing frames to render at irregular intervals and creating stutter.

You can download the Platinum Demo from the PlayStation Store right now.

How do you think the demo performed?

[Source: Eurogamer]