Dungeons 2 Release Date on PS4 Delayed to May 24

Arriving a month later than expected, Kalypso Media announced today that Dungeons 2 is now releasing for PlayStation 4 on May 24 in North America and May 27 in Europe through retail and digital stores.

A console-exclusive on PS4, Dungeons 2 is a dungeon management simulation where you play as The Dungeon Lord:

Dungeons 2 challenges players to assume the role of The Dungeon Lord and craft a network of terrifying dungeons, using its resources to fuel a campaign against the forces of goodliness. Order your servant snots to do your bidding and fill your coffers with gold, amass an army of lurching minions and then head to the surface world of the humans to conquer The Overworld.

For the PS4 version of Dungeons 2, Kalypso and developer Realmforge have added more skirmishes, missions, and enemies by including the Pixieville, Morningwood, A Chance of Dragons, A Song of Sand and Fire, and A Clash of Pumpkins add-on packs on-disc.