Oxenfree Comes to PS4 on May 31 With New Game+ Mode

Already available on PC and Xbox One, Oxenfree from Night School Studio is coming to PlayStation 4 on May 31 in North America and Europe.

Calling it “the most definitive version of the game yet,” Oxenfree for PS4 includes alternate endings, new dialogue, and new locations in its New Game+ Mode. The New Game+ Mode also comes to PC and Xbox One on May 31.

A narrative-driven adventure game, Oxenfree stars teenage girl Alex, who brings her new step-brother Jonas to a party on an abandoned military island that goes horribly wrong. “It’s a supernatural mindscrew of an adventure with tons of different outcomes and story paths that let you shape Alex’s life, the fabric of time and space, and the fate of a bunch of really pissed off ghostly creatures,” Night School’s Sean Krankel said. “Think Freaks and Geeks but with possession, time loops, and terror.”

Here’s what to expect from the New Game+ Mode:

The OXENFREE New Game+ Mode is a surreal continuation of the story of Alex and her friends on a decommissioned military island and offers new locations and additional endings that serve as an extension of the story. Upon completing the story once, players are met at the start of a new game with fresh dialogue choices and a creeping sense of deja vu. With this feature, players will be able to further change the supernatural events of Edwards Island and the spectres that inhabit it.

Oxenfree on PS4 uses the DualShock 4 like the supernaturally charged radio in the game, syncing color glow changes on the light bar and playing broadcasts through the speaker. You’ll also be able to purchase an Oxenfree Dynamic Theme either as a standalone item or in a bundle with the game on launch day.

All platforms will also receive a behind-the-scenes documentary series in the game that details development from concept to completion.

[Source: PS Blog]